Maintenance / Repair

Regular maintenance ensures proper function of an elevator, as well as timely detection, and therefore correction of failures that may appear during its use. Regular maintenance prolongs the lifecycle of an elevator. STAGER, thanks to its long-term maintenance experience, has managed to:

  • Maintain all types of elevators or lifting equipment installed in private or public buildings.
  • Employ specialized technical personnel, who have received, and are still receiving, all-round training in new technologies.
  • Keep all elevators insured throughout maintenance.
  • Set up a large network of technicians, who will arrive where malfunction was observed, within one hour of the time of notification.
  • Provide failure correction services on a 24/7 basis.
  • Use state-of-the-art software (CRM, ERP, Mobiletechnology) for keeping logs of elevator failures and technicians visits, with a view to notifying you promptly with regard to any matter relating to your elevator.