The Installation Department at STAGER:

  • Installs all types of elevators and lifting equipment.
  • Offers maximum safety guarantee by complying with all safety requirements laid down in EU Directive 95/16/EC and the respective standards that govern the operation of elevators and lifting equipment.
  • Procures certified materials of high quality by applying strict supplier evaluation criteria.
  • Looks into the needs of each individual project in detail, regardless of how complex that might be (building without a machine room or shaft, shaft with low-lying upper/lower endings, etc.), and offers the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Applies solutions ensuring maximum energy savings.
  • Offers multi-annual warranty for the elevators installed.
  • Provides information on the progress of the project before and after each elevator installation stage.
  • Implements installation stages consistently with respect to delivery times and project specifications.
  • Keeps the elevator insured throughout its installation stages.