Solutions and proposals for all types of buildings

Residential Buildings

Solutions adapted to houses and residential buildings of up to 10 stops. Attractive cars from among a variety of designs, materials and colors. Noise-free elevators ensuring comfortable operation.

Business Premises

Practical solutions for stores, offices, hotels, malls, etc. High speed and high specification elevators for multi-storied buildings with increased passenger traffic. Panoramic elevators that add value to the architectural aesthetics of a building.


Elevators manufactured from highly resistant materials for lifting heavy-duty type stretchers. Top quality motion for transporting patients safely. Large cars, easy access for escorted stretchers.

Parking Facilities

Proposals for vertical transportation of vehicles and drivers between floors. Ideal applications for professional parking facilities and modern buildings with increased or peculiar car parking needs.

Industrial Buildings (Freight Elevators)

Elevators used for vertical transportation of freight, manufactured from top quality, highly resistant materials. Large cars and doors allowing loading even with forklifts.