Designs / Certification

STAGER operates a certificates Department focusing mainly on the certification of elevators according to European legislation and the setting up of a complete technical dossier. The engineers of the department receive regular training on all technological developments in the elevator sector. All company engineers have been certified by the notified body TUV Hellas with regard to their know-how relating to the performance of elevator inspections and certifications in accordance with the requirements laid down in EU Directive 95/16/EC and other relevant standards.

The certificates Department of STAGER is responsible for:

1) Performing inspections on all elevators installed.

2) Preparing studies (before and after the installation process) and mechanical drawings.

3) Issuing a certificate according to EU norms for an elevator.

4) Setting up the complete technical file and submitting it to the technical department of the Municipality concerned, in order to obtain a license for the elevator.